Smith's Wood Parish Council
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The Parish Council was formed in May 1987 and is statutory body made up of twelve councillors representing the parish of Smith's Wood.  Members are elected for a term of four year, with the next election being held in 2019.  The role of the Council is defined in the Local Government Acts of 1997 and 2000 from which it derives its limited number of statutory duties and far ranging powers and functions, including provision of allotments, cemeteries, bus shelters, community halls and parish management.

The Parish Council is the first tier of Local Government, the other tier being Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council.  The Council also liaises with other bodies that deliver services in the Parish (Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, police and community groups).

The prime objective of the Parish Council was to provide a much needed youth and community centre within Smith's Wood. After six years of careful budgeting, Smith's Wood Youth and Community Centre was opened in August 1993. In 2006, the Parish Council were approached by the North Solihull Partnership Regeneration Team to become part of the regeneration project. The Regeneration Team proposed that the Parish Council, together with Solihull MBC be integrated into the new Smith's Wood Community Primary School. In March 2011, the Parish Council moved into their new office and by April 2011, the Parish Council had opened their new Community Gym.