Smith's Wood Parish Council
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Those present:


Chairman:  Cllr K S Paul.


Councillors:  Cllr F Churchill, Cllr D Cornock, Cllr G Craig, Cllr Mrs J Lloyd, Cllr M Rashid, Cllr J Wilson.


Officer:  Mrs K Woods.

1.  Apologies.

Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr H Hendry.


2.  Minutes of the Previous Full Council Meeting.

It was RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on Monday 25th June 2018 be approved as a true and correct record.


3.  Matters Arising.

a.)  Minute number 7.a.) Double Yellow Lines.

Members were informed that the Clerk had still not made contact with the Highways Department at  Solihull MBC regarding double yellow lines at the junction of Kingfisher Drive and Auckland Drive.


4.  Public Participation.

There were no members of the public present.


5.  Correspondence.

a.)  Sarah Evans (M.A.P.A.) - Re: Letter of thanks for financial assistance.

It was RESOLVED: That this item be received and noted.


b.)  Patsy Hartland - Re: Letter of Resignation.

It was RESOLVED: That this item be received and noted.


c.)  NALC - Re: Six Month Trial Membership Offer - WALC & NALC - 2018/19.

It was RESOLVED: That this item be received and noted.


d.)  Cllr Jean Hamilton - Re: Request to visit community space within Smith’s Wood Primary Academy.

It was RESOLVED: That Cllr Hamilton be invited to attend the Parish Council side of the building.


e.)  Communications Team (Solihull MBC) - Re: Split brown recycling bins.

It was RESOLVED: That this item be received and noted.


f.)  Caroline Spelman MP - Re: HS2 Funds - Grants available from the Associated Community & Environment Fund and the Business & Local Economy Fund.

It was RESOLVED: That the Clerk enquire if environmental improvements such as hanging baskets are included in the Community and Environment Fund.


g.)  Castle Bromwich Parish Council - Re: Chairman’s Charity Quiz on Friday 21st September 2018 at 7.30pm at Arden Hall.  Tickets cost £8.00 per person with up to 6 team members.

It was RESOLVED: That this item be received and noted.


h.)  Glynis Harrison - Re: Completed Councillor Co-option Form.

It was RESOLVED: That Glynis Harrison be invited to the next Full Council meeting and that Councillor Co-option be included on the agenda.


i.)  Solihull MBC - Re: Arden Free Tree Scheme.

It was RESOLVED: That the Clerk arrange a meeting with the Grounds Maintenance Contractor to see if more trees and hedges are needed to protect the fencing at the back of the playing field.


j.)  Angela Binder - Re: Litter on Playing Field.

It was RESOLVED: That the Clerk inform Mr and Mrs Binder that the Parish Council feel that a litter pick of the playing field once a month is adequate for a public open field and that they have no control over who uses the field.


k.)  Sue Watson (Unity Trust) - Re: Opportunity to improve on your English and Maths workshop.

It was RESOLVED: That this item be received and noted.


l.)  Gemma Farrington (Solihull MBC - Re: Consultation on Solihull Council’s Council Tax Reduction Scheme April 2019 - March 2020.

It was RESOLVED: That the Clerk inform Solihull MBC that the Parish Council disagree with the Council Tax Reduction Scheme.  It is against their principles to charge people who are already struggling while on benefits.


m.)  Lee Stephenson (Solihull MBC) - Re: Notification of Temporary Traffic Restrictions - Hurst Lane North - 30th July to 24th August 2008.

It was RESOLVED: That this item be received and noted.


n.)  Paul Greatorex (Solihull MBC) - Re: Solihull Open Space and Outdoor Play/Recreation Assessment - Town and Parish Council Survey.

It was RESOLVED: That the Clerk complete on behalf of the Parish Council.


o.)  Natalie O’Dwyer (Balfour Beatty) - Re: M6 Junctions 2 to 4 Smart Motorway Project.

It was RESOLVED: That this item be received and noted.


p.)  West Midlands Police - Re: Neighbourhood Alerts: Scam Alert - Fake Argos Texts; School Break-ins Alert; WMP Museum Open Day; Rurals on Twitter; Latest edition of national Neighbourhood Watch e-newsletter; Alert - rise in Fake Amazon emails

It was RESOLVED: That these items be received and noted.


6.  Reports From Outside Bodies.

There were no reports submitted.


7.  Minutes of the Finance and General Purposes Committee

It was RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Finance and General Purposes Committee meeting held on Monday 9th July 2018 be received and the recommendations contained therein be adopted.

a.)  Fun Day.

Members thanked all members of staff for their hard work in organising the fun day and those members of staff who helped on the day of the event.


b.)  Gym Figures.

Members were presented with up to date gym figures.


c.)  Accounts Presented.

It was RESOLVED: That the following accounts be approved.

Direct Debit, Bill Payments and Standing Orders

05/06/2018  -  NEST PENSIONS  - £14.68

06/06/2018  -  BRITISH TELECOM - Gym office  - £23.58

06/06/2018  -  ROYAL MAIL - Fun day leaflets door to door  - £617.74

06/06/2018  -  ROYAL MAIL - door to door VAT  - £123.55

06/06/2018  -  DAVPACK - box pallet for leaflets  - £49.53

06/06/2018  -  SPECTRUM FIRE PROTECTION - VAT  - £558.20

07/06/2018  -  NEST PENSIONS  - £17.09

07/06/2018  -  SPECTRUM FIRE PROTECTION - service - £2791.00

07/06/2018  -  LDC STORES - cleaning materials  - £28.28

08/06/2018  -  SMITH’S WOOD PRIMARY ACADEMY - shared maintenance  - £168.93

10/06/2018  -  BANK CHARGES  - £48.85

12/06/2018  -  HMRC VAT  - £334.95

12/06/2018  -  ROYAL MAIL - fun day leaflet collection  - £102.00

12/06/2018  -  ICSPRINT - fun day leaflets and banners  - £220.80

12/06/2018  -  BCEVENT HIRE LTD - fun day table hire  - £55.00

14/06/2018  -  VIKING DIRECT - stationery  - £101.65

14/06/2018  -  PEEKS - fun day lollipops  - £14.58

14/06/2018  -  D & M GYM SERVICES - annual service  - £474.00

15/06/2018  -  BRITISH TELECOM - Clerk’s office  - £23.80

15/06/2018  -  WOLVERHAMPTON CITY COUNCIL - l.g.p.s.  - £435.24

16/06/2018  -  BANK CHARGES  - £3.00

18/06/2018  -  MULLER MILK - S/Wood Primary Academy  - £869.13

20/06/2018  -  NEST PENSIONS  - £9.53

21/06/2018  -  IRIS PAYROLL  - £12.14

21/06/2018  -  IRIS PAYROLL  - £6.62

21/06/2018  -  NEST PENSIONS  - £83.51

21/06/2018  -  PEEKS - fun day game ‘Open the Door’ and prizes  - £189.95

27/06/2018  -  ANGEL SPRINGS - water cooler  - £42.05

28/06/2018  -  NEST PENSIONS  - £18.97

02/07/2018  -  SOLIHULL MBC - Business Rates  - £1200.00

02/07/2018  -  HMRC - Inland Revenue p.a.y.e.  - £950.77

03/07/2018  -  LDC STORES - cleaning materials  - £82.80

04/07/2018  -  NEST PENSIONS  - £18.97

05/07/2018  -  LDC STORES - cleaning materials  - £78.06

05/07/2018  -  SMITH’S WOOD PRIMARY ACADEMY - shared maintenance  - £111.53

05/07/2018  -  SITE MAINTENANCE - 3 x mowing, 1 x litter pick  - £240.00

09/07/2018  -  BRITISH TELECOM - Gym office  - £23.58


d.)  Bank Reconciliation.

It was RESOLVED: That the Bank Reconciliation as at 30th June 2018 be accepted.


e.)  Fun Day Income and Expenditure Account.

Members were presented with a break down of the income and expenditure related to the fun day.


8.  Members Requests at the Chairman’s Discretion.

a.)  Floor in Small Hall.

Cllr Cornock informed members that due to a number of floods occurring in the kitchen and spreading to the small hall, the flooring needs to be replaced.  The school wish for this to take place during the six weeks summer holidays so that there is little disruption caused to the pupils.

It was RESOLVED: That the Parish Council agree to the work being carried out, but ask the Clerk to contact Anthony Watson (Solihull MBC) and ask if their insurance or the insurance of the caterers covers the repairs.  The Clerk is to also arrange for a meeting between the Academy, Solihull MBC and the Parish Council to discuss the completion of the Shared User Agreement.


9.  Council Recess and Executive Powers.

It was RESOLVED: That the Standing Orders be suspended and the Clerk be given Executive Powers, in conjunction with the Chairman of the Council, the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Finance and General Purposes Committee, during the Council Recess.


10.  Dates of the Next Meeting

It was RESOLVED: That the Parish Council provisionally book the following dates for the next twelve months:

Finance and General Purposes Committee Meeting - Monday: 3rd September 2018; 8th October 2018; 5th November 2018; 3rd December 2018; 7th January 2019; 4th February 2019; 4th March 2019; 1st April 2019; 13th May 2019; 3rd June 2019 and 8th July 2019.


Full Council Meeting - Monday: 17th September 2018; 22nd October 2018; 19th November 2018; 17th December 2018; 21st January 2019; 18th February 2019; 18th March 2019; 15th April 2019; 20th  May 2019; 17th June 2019 and 22nd July 2019.

All meetings to start at 4.30pm unless otherwise stated on the agenda.


11.  Exclusion of Public and Press.

It was RESOLVED: That in accordance with Schedule 12a of the Local Government Act 1972, the public and press be excluded from the following Agenda item: Private Section of Minutes.