Smith's Wood Parish Council
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FULL COUNCIL MINUTES - 17th September 2018

Those present


Chairman:  Cllr K S Paul.


Councillors:  Cllr F Churchill, Cllr D Cornock, Cllr G Craig, Cllr Mrs J Lloyd, Cllr M Rashid, Cllr J Wilson.


Officer:  Mrs K Woods


In attendance: Dave Dixon, Geoff Mailings, Jane Mailings and Adrian Duffen.1.  Apologies.

Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr H Hendry.

Members of the public were asked to leave the meeting while the Parish Council interviewed Mrs Harrison.


2.  Councillor Co-option.

a.)  Candidate - Mrs Glynis Harrison

Mrs Harrison informed members that she had moved to the area approximately nine years ago and became involved with the Smith’s Wood Area Neighbourhood Network (SWANN).  She added that she learnt a lot about Smith’s Wood during this time and became interested in being a Parish Councillor after seeing the Parish Council’s fun day flyer at eh beginning of July.  Mrs Harrison stated that being a Parish Councillor takes dedication and commitment and she is willing to take on any responsibilities required of her as a Parish Councillor and looks forward to working with other members.

Members asked Mrs Harrison to leave the meeting while they debated whether to co-opt her onto the Parish Council.  Members were very impressed with Mrs Harrison and unanimously voted to co-opt her onto the Parish Council.  Mrs Harrison was invited back into the meeting and was duly co-opted onto the Parish Council.

Members of the public were invited back into the meeting.


3.  Public Participation.

a.)  Safe & Sound: Dave Dixon, Geoff Mailings and Jane Mailings.

Mr Dixon asked the Parish Council if they could financially assist in the purchase of a Portable Audio System for Auckland Hall.  The equipment is to assist the hard of hearing at meetings and other activities at Auckland Hall.  The equipment could also be hired out to other organisations in Smith’s Wood.  A completed Financial Assistance Request Application Form together with supporting papers was handed to the Clerk.  Members informed Mr Dixon that any decision will be made at the next Finance and General Purposes Committee meeting as Financial Assistance Requests will be on the agenda.


b.)  Adrian Duffen - Kennet Grove.

Mr Duffen informed members that he wished to become a member of the Parish Council.  Mr Duffen handed a completed Parish Councillor Co-option Application Form to the Clerk.  Members informed Mr Duffen that they will invite him to the next Full Council meeting for an interview.


4.  Minutes of the Previous Full Council Meeting.

It was RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on Monday 23rd July 2018 be approved as a true and correct record.


5.  Matters Arising.

5.a.)  Minute number 3.a.) Double Yellow Lines.

Members were informed that the Clerk had finally made contact with Solihull MBC’s Highways Department.  The Clerk stated that she had been told that there were a number of roads that had been put forward for the installation of double yellow lines and that a site visit would be made to each area and a criteria, which includes width of road, visibility at junctions, etc, that would need to be met before any decision to install yellow lines can be made.


5.b.)  Minute number 8.a.) Floor in Small Hall.

Members were informed that the insurance excess for the flood that occurred in the small hall was £500.


6.  Correspondence.

a.)  HS2 Funds Team.

It was RESOLVED: That this item be received and noted.


b.)  Spectrum Fire Protection - Re: Quotation for repair to emergency lighting.

It was RESOLVED: That the Clerk contact the above company and enquire what the Parish Council have paid for.


c.)  Claire Cook (Solihull MBC) - Re: Solihull Zero Suicide Pledge.

It was RESOLVED: That the Parish Council sign up to the pledge.


d.)  Unity - Re: Workshops: Art Group; English & Maths; Parenting Young People.

It was RESOLVED: That these items be placed on the Parish Council noticeboard.


e.)  Solihull-Sustain - Re: Colebridge Alert 07/09/2018.

It was RESOLVED: That this item be received and noted.


f.)  Nick Page (Solihull MBC) - Re: Resurfacing Works - Green Lane, Castle Bromwich - Temporary Road Closure.

It was RESOLVED: That this item be received and noted.


g.)  Natalie O’Dwyer (Balfour Beatty) - Re: M6 Combined TM log: 17/09/2018 to 23/09/2018.

It was RESOLVED: That this item be received and noted.


h.)  Theo Thompson (Nourishsocial) - Re: Solihull Community TV Sponsorship Opportunity.

It was RESOLVED: That the Clerk ask for a price list for the next meeting.


i.)  West Midlands Police - Re: Neighbourhood Alerts: Distraction Burglary Bogus Police Officers Solihull; Bogus Calls from HMRC; Fraud Targeting the Elderly; Burglars Awareness; Scam Alert - Fake Netflix emails; Cuppa with Smith’s Wood Neighbourhood Team.

It was RESOLVED: That these items be placed on the Parish Council noticeboard.


7.  Reports From Outside Bodies.

a.)  Birmingham Airport.

Cllr J Wilson informed members that he attended the latest meeting on Thursday 16th August 2018 and informed members that the following issues were discussed: Air Arabia have two flights a week to Morocco from 28th October 2018; British Airways added two new jets for the summer only; Air India to increase the frequency of non-stop flights to Amritsar; Jet2 have increased their total destinations to 41 by adding 7 new destinations from Birmingham Airport; Wizz Air have 2 new flights; Turkish Air will have 2 new flights a day from April 2019; the new hotel is due to open 19th or 20th September 2018.


8.  Minutes of the Finance and General Purposes Committee

It was RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Finance and General Purposes Committee meeting held on Monday 3rd September 2018 be received and the recommendations contained therein be adopted.


9.  Members Requests at the Chairman’s Discretion.

a.)  Solihull MBC Proposal to sell land for housing development.

Cllr Craig informed members that he had found out that Solihull MBC were planning to sell land at Auckland Drive, adjacent to Solihull College Campus and also at Anglesey Avenue.  A total of 17 houses and 34 flats are being proposed.  Cllr Craig asks that the Parish Council send correspondence to Solihull MBC stating that these proposals are a development too far, because if they go ahead there will be no green space left in the Chester Ward (Area 13) for children to play on.  Cllr Craig added that the plot of land at Anglesey Avenue has mature trees and was once part of the ancient Forest of Arden and is a haven for wild animals and should not be touched.  It was agreed that a letter be sent stating that the Parish Council are concerned that they were not informed directly of these plans and asked for an explanation on plans for replacement green space or enhancement to current play areas.


10.  Dates of the Next Meeting

It was RESOLVED: That the dates for the next meetings are as follows:

Finance and General Purposes Committee Meeting: Monday 8th October 2018 at 4.30pm.

Full Council Meeting: Monday 22nd October 2018 at 4.30pm.


11.  Exclusion of Public and Press.

It was RESOLVED: That in accordance with Schedule 12a of the Local Government Act 1972, the public and press be excluded from the following Agenda item: Private Section of Minutes.