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Freedom of Information Request Policy


Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 200 (FOI Act) came into force on 1st January 2005. It gives the right to request all types of recorded information held by public authorities.

The Act specifically states that:  
‘Any person making a request for information to a public authority is entitled:
a) To be informed in writing by the public authority whether it holds information of the description specified in the request.
b) If that is the case, to have that information communicated to him or her.'

Written requests for information under the FOI Act must be dealt with within 20 working days although further reasonable details can be requested in order to identify and locate the information.  If a fee is required, the period of 20 working days is extended by up to 3 months until the fee is paid.

If you wish to obtain information from Smith's Wood Parish Council, you should first check whether it is contained within the Council's Publication Scheme.

Smith's Wood Parish Council Publication Scheme

In accordance with the ‘Freedom of Information Act 2000' Smith's Wood Parish Council has a ‘publication scheme'.  The scheme contains a list of all the information Smith's Wood Parish Council makes available to the public either in hard copy format or electronically via the web or email.

The Publication Scheme is a guide to information routinely published by Smith's Wood Parish Council.  It has been produced in response to the requirements of Section 19 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 but it also supports Smith's Wood Parish Council's commitment to make information of public interest widely and easily available in the interests of open and accountable government.  Much of the information is available through the Council's website, but for other information or any queries about the Scheme, please contact:

Clerk to Smith's Wood Parish Council
c/o Smith's Wood Primary Academy
Burton's Way
Smith's Wood
B36 0SZ
el: 0121 770 8846

Requesting information not found in the Publication Scheme

If you cannot find the information you are interested in through the Publication Scheme, then you can make a request for information under the FOI Act.  Requests must be in writing, must contain a name and address for us to contact you, and must describe the information you want in enough detail that we can find it.  You can use the form at the bottom of this page to make a request for information under the FOI Act.

All requests that we receive under the FOI Act will be dealt with promptly, and no later that 20 working days after we receive the request.  Please note that we may charge of fee for providing you with the information - we will let you know if a fee applies to your request.

If the information you have requested falls under any of the 23 classes of exempt information, as defined in the FOI Act, we may not be able to supply you with the information.  If this is the case, we will let you know and explain why we cannot give you the information.

For any queried about making FOI requests or anything relating to ‘freedom of information', contact the Freedom of Information Officer at the above address.

Council's Complaints Procedure

If there are any complaints arising out of the Council's response to the Freedom of Information Act or its Publication Scheme they should initially be made to the Clerk to the Parish Council as detailed above.

If the Clerk to the Parish Council is unable to resolve a particular issue then the matter will be referred to the Full Council.

Complaints to the Information Commissioner

If a complaint arising from the Freedom of Information Act is not resolved following referral to Full Council, the matter may be referred to Information Commissioner, at the following address:-

First Contact Team
Information Commissioner
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Tel: 0303 123 1113 or 01625 545745
Fax: 01625 524510

Freedom of Information Request Form