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Those present


Chairman:  Cllr Ms P Hartland (Vice-Chairman).


Councillors:  Cllr D Cornock, Cllr G Craig, Cllr H Hendry, Cllr K S Paul, Cllr M Rashid.


Officer:  Mrs K Woods.


In Attendance: Dave Lane (Solihull MBC).


1.  Dave Lane.

Dave Lane stated that he works for Solihull MBC’s Community Enterprise for Success (CEFS) programme for the voluntary sector.  It is a project run by GBSLEP Growth Hub and funded by the European Regional Development Fund.  CEFS helps existing charities, community organisations and social enterprises looking to develop, grow and become more sustainable through trading and enterprise.  CEFS aims to equip organisations to adapt to market opportunities, build on their strengths and emerge fitter and stronger.  The Development in Social Enterprise CIC (DISE) has been awarded the contract to provide the above support over the next two years.  DISE specialises in working with the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector and has been delivering business support contracts for Solihull Council since 2012.  CEFS can offer: 1 to 1 advice and support from a qualified and experienced business advisor; monthly workshops covering topics such as business planning, governance, marketing and finance; quarterly networking events with guest speakers - a chance to meet other local groups over lunch; regular newsletters featuring news, events and opportunities.  Eligibility criteria: to be eligible for CEFS organisations must: be based in Solihull - registered address or local office; be a VCSE organisation and be legally incorporated (e.g. limited company, CIC, CIO); confirm that they meet the EU State Aid rules i.e. that over the previous three fiscal years they have no had more that 200,000 Euros (cumulative) of grant aid from a public source.


Cllr Rashid asked what effect will Brexit have on opportunities.  Dave Lane stated that the programme is agreed for the next two years and money has been allocated.  He added that the EU may have more thorough checks due to Brexit.


Cllr Rashid asked how can do they attract local businesses to seek advice.  Dave Lane stated that they hold workshops and ask local businesses and organisations to spread the word.


Cllr Craig stated that the programme was ‘all well and good’ but Solihull MBC have recently demolished start-up within Smith’s Wood.  He asked what organisations are they trying to target and what are voluntary organisations.  Dave Lane stated they are targeting businesses such as Family Care Trust and that voluntary businesses examples are Colebridge and SOLO.


Cllr Hartland stated that the area needed a community bus a transport the elderly to hospitals and shopping.  Dave Lane stated that someone would need to run it, and it would need to be a going concern before CEFS could offer assistance.  He added that Birmingham is running a similar project that assists start-up businesses who could offer advice for this venture.


Cllr Craig asked if a community newspaper would be a good candidate.  Dave Lane stated that this is the type of business that CEFS could offer support to, but, as with the community bus, it would need to be an established business.


With no further questions the Parish Council thanked Dave Lane for attending and he left the meeting at 7.00pm.           


2.  Apologies.

There were no apologies received.


3.  Minutes of the Previous Full Council Meeting.

It was RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on Monday 20th February 2017 be approved as a true and correct record.


4.  Matters Arising.

a.)  Minute number 5.a.) Quotation for Access Control system.

Members were informed that no quotations had been received to date.


b.)  Minute number 8.b.) Local Area Co-Ordinator.

Cllr Hartland informed members that she did not know why Terri Scott (Local Area Co-Ordinator) did not attend the last meeting. 


c.)  Minute number 8.c.) Gym Price List.

Members were informed that of a £10 weekly charge and a yearly charge of £250 will be trialed for three months from 1st April 2017 to see what the demand is.  A flyer is to be printed advertising the special offers.


5.  Public Participation.

There were no members of the public present.


6.  Correspondence.

a.)  Fordbridge Town Council - Re: Invitation for Chairman and guest to added the Chairman’s Charity Event 29th April 2017 at The Fordbridge Centre. Additional tickets £5.00 each.

It was RESOLVED: That Cllr J Wilson, Chairman, should attend on behalf of the Parish Council.


b.)  Site Maintenance Services - Re: Increase in gang mowing services.

It was RESOLVED: That this item be received and noted.


c.)  DISE - Re: Community Enterprise for Success.

It was RESOLVED: That this item be received and noted.


d.)  John Crossling (WALC) - Re: Annual Briefing Day and WALC Events in general.

It was RESOLVED: That this item be received and noted.


e.)  NALC - Re: Newsletter March 2017.

It was RESOLVED: That this item be received and noted.


f.)  Solihull-Sustain - Re: Sustain Alert 17/03/2017.

It was RESOLVED: That this item be received and noted.


g.)  Angela Ellison (Grant Thornton) - Re: Annual Return Information Pack.

It was RESOLVED: That the Audit of Accounts for year ended 31st March 2017, is set for 12th June 2017.


h.)  Solihull MBC - Re: Stay Connected North Solihull News.

It was RESOLVED: That this item be received and noted.


i.)  Solihull MBC - Re: Press Releases: Solihull company, Touch Systems, expands thanks to council Business Growth Programme; Mayor visits Young Enterprise Trade Fair in Solihull; CSE awareness campaign reached one million people; Shirley businesses asked for views on a potential Business Improvement District; Announcement about Touchwood Shopping Centre extension; Solihull Mayor encourages take-up of free NHS Health Checks; Pledge to stop abuse on CSE awareness day; Queen’s New Year honours recipients welcomed by the Mayor; The Great British Spring Clean sweeps the borough.

It was RESOLVED: That these items be received and noted.


7.  Reports From Outside Bodies.

There were no reports presented.


8.  Minutes of the Finance and General Purposes Committee

It was RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Finance and General Purposes Committee meeting held on Monday 6th March 2017 be received and the recommendations contained therein be adopted.


a.)  Minute number 7.a.) Purchase of Water from Amazon

Cllr Craig queried why water is being purchased from Amazon.  The Clerk informed members that the man who supplied the water for the gym stopped coming without explanation.  Cllr Paul stated that he still delivered to Spar and would ask him to visit the gym.


b.)  Minute number 8.a.) Fun Day Leaflets.

Members were presented with a draft leaflet for the Fun Day.

It was RESOLVED: That the draft leaflet be accepted and printed.


9.  Members Requests at the Chairman’s Discretion.

There were no requests received.


10.  Dates of the Next Meeting

It was RESOLVED: That the dates for the next meetings are as follows:

Finance and General Purposes Committee Meeting: Monday 10th April 2017 at 7.00pm.

Full Council Meeting: Monday 24th April 2017 at 7.00pm.


11.  Exclusion of Public and Press.

It was RESOLVED: That in accordance with Schedule 12a of the Local Government Act 1972, the public and press be excluded from the following Agenda item: Private Section of Minutes.