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Those present:


Chairman:  Cllr D Cornock.


Councillor:  Cllr G Craig, Cllr K S Paul, Cllr J Wilson.


Officer:  Mrs K Woods.


1.  Apologies.

Apologies were received from Cllr H Hendry.


2.  Minutes of Previous Finance and General Purposes Committee Meeting

It was RECOMMENDED: That the Minutes of the previous Finance and General Purposes Committee meeting held on Monday 14th May 2018 be approved as a true and correct record.


3.  Matters Arising.

a.)  Minute number 1.) Illegal Traveller Encampment.

Members were informed that the Clerk had attended the meeting held at Solihull MBC and found it very informative as one of the issues raised was security measures.  The Clerk advised members of the possible additional security measures that the Parish Council could add to the gate to deter any further encampments.  Members agreed that a height restriction barrier was the best additional measure and instructed the Clerk to get a quotation.


4.  Correspondence.

a.)  The Rt Hon Dame Caroline Spelman MP - Re: Unauthorised developments and encampments.

It was RECOMMENDED: That the Clerk complete.


b.)  Solihull MBC - Re: Invitation for Chairman to attend The Civic Service in Solihull Parish Church - Sunday 10thJune 2018 at 11am.

It was RECOMMENDED: That this be forwarded to Cllr Rashid.


c.)  Castle Bromwich Parish Council - Re: Invitation for Chairman to attend Annual Civic Service and Reception at St Mary and St Margaret Church - Sunday 10th June 2018 at 6.30pm.

It was RECOMMENDED: That this be forwarded to Cllr Rashid.


d.)  Solihull MBC - Re: ‘Your Solihull’ residents magazine.

It was RECOMMENDED: That this item be received and noted.


e.)  Lee Stevenson (Solihull MBC) - Re: Permanent Traffic Regulation Order - Notice of Implementation - Lanchester Way and Interconnecting Side Roads.

It was RECOMMENDED: That this item be received and noted.  It was also agreed that the Clerk contact Solihull MBC to enquire if double yellow lines can be placed on the junction of Kingfisher Drive and Auckland (between Auckland Drive and Swift Close).


f.)  West Midlands Police - Re: Neighbourhood Alerts: Keyless car thefts in Solihull; Burglary Gang jailed; Vehicle Crime (Chelmsley Wood/Marston Green/Smith’s Wood/Castle Bromwich), GDPR Update; TSB Phishing Attacks; Message from Sergeant 0649 Jones.

It was RECOMMENDED: That these items be received and noted.


5.  Planning Applications.

a.)  Jack Moon - Re: Planning Application Proposed new 2 bedroom property to the side of 2 Nene Way.           

It was RECOMMENDED: That the Clerk reply that the Parish Council are not in favour of building a new house on a plot of land this small and would be more in favour of a house extension.                                                           


6.  Smith’s Wood Community Gym.

a.)  Gym Figures.

Members were presented with the latest gym figures.


7.  Accounts Presented, Bank Reconciliation and Budget.

a.)  Expenditure.

It was RECOMMENDED: That the following accounts be approved.


111589  -  S/WOOD PRIMARY ACADEMY - gas, electric, water, insurance, refuse collection, grounds maintenance  - £14066.66

111590  -  MERIDEN ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND ASSOCIATION - grant aid  - £250.00

Direct Debit, Bill Payments and Standing Orders                                                                                         

15/05/2018  -  BRITISH TELECOM - Clerk’s office  - £23.28

15/05/2018  -  MULLER MILK - S/Wood Primary Academy  - £457.44

15/05/2018  -  WM PENSION FUND  - £435.24

15/05/2018  -  HMRC - Inland Revenue  - £32.00

15/05/2018  -  G FERLANCE - staff uniform  - £295.00

15/05/2018  -  AMAZON - extension lead  - £22.60

18/05/2018  -  IF WHITAKER - repair to playing field gate  - £600.00

18/05/2018  -  SHAPEMASTER - repair to toning table  - £133.80

18/05/2018  -  AMAZON - printer lead converter  - £16.99

22/05/2018  -  IRIS PAYROLL - Automatic Enrolment  - £12.14

22/05/2018  -  IRIS PAYROLL - A.E.  - £6.62

22/05/2018  -  SITE MAINTENANCE - clear-up of fly tipping on playing field  - £1380.00

22/05/2018  -  DAVIES CLIFTON & CO - internal audit  - £540.00

22/05/2018  -  LDC STORES - cleaning materials  - £17.58

24/05/2018  -  NEST PENSION  - £95.74

29/05/2018  -  ANGEL SPRINGS - water cooler  - £42.05

29/05/2018  -  LDC STORES - cleaning materials  - £85.49

29/05/2018  -  TANSHARE - sunbed cream sachet/bottle  - £57.00

29/05/2018  -  PPL/PRS - music licence  - £994.37

30/05/2018  -  VIKING DIRECT - stationery  - £23.86

01/06/2018  -  SOLIHULL MBC - Business Rates  - £1200.00

01/06/2018  -  SITE MAINTENANCE - gang mowing, litter pick  - £240.00

01/06/2018  -  AMAZON - Fun day extension lead  - £36.01

04/06/2018  -  HMRC - Inland Revenue  - £945.00


b.)  Bank Reconciliation

It was RECOMMENDED: That the bank reconciliation as at 31st May 2018 be accepted.


8.  Members Requests at the Chairman’s Discretion.

a.)  Embankment along Auckland Drive.

Cllr Wilson asked if any members knew why Solihull MBC had cut the grass along the top

and the bottom of the embankment but had left the centre long.  Members stated that they had

no idea and it was suggested that the Clerk contact Solihull MBC for clarification.            


9.  Exclusion of Public and Press.

It was RECOMMENDED: That in accordance with Schedule 12a of the Local Government Act 1972, the public and press be excluded from the following Agenda items: Staff Matters and Wages; Health and Safety; Security.