Smith's Wood Parish Council
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Annual Parish Meeting Minutes

Annual Parish Meeting held on Monday 13th May 2019.

Those present:


Chairman:  Cllr M Rashid (Vice-chairman).


Councillors:  Cllr D Cornock, Cllr A Duffen, Cllr Mrs G Harrison, Cllr H Hendry, Cllr Mrs J Lloyd, Cllr J Wilson.


Officer:  Mrs K Woods


1.  Apologies

Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr F Churchill and Cllr G Craig.


2.  Minutes of the Previous Annual Parish Meeting

It was RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Thirty-Second Annual Parish Meeting held on Monday 21st May 2018 be approved as a true and correct record.


3.  Report of Attendance of Councillors

It was RESOLVED: That the following Report of Councillors Attendance be approved as a true and correct record.


Councillor     Summoned  Attended  Percentage

F Churchill           25                13              52 %

D Cornock            25                23              92 %

G Craig                 25               18              72 %

A Duffen              10                 5              50 %

G Harrison           13               12               92 %

H Hendry             25                 8               32 %

A Jacques             25                0                 0 % 

Mrs K Jacques     25                 0                 0 %

Mrs J Lloyd         17              14                82 %                 

K S Paul              25               13               52 %

M Rashid             25               22               88 %

J Wilson              25              14                56 %               


4.  Report from the Chairman of the Finance and General Purposes Committee

Cllr D Cornock stated that the Parish Council have continued to support the local community, providing free school milk to the over 5's at Smith’s Wood Primary Academy; providing financial assistance to local community groups.  He added that the Parish Council has had another successful year, with continued attendance of customers at the Community Gym. One new piece of gym equipment had been purchased this year.  The Parish Council have decided that there is no longer any need to amend the Shared User Agreement and ratification on this still needs to be completed. 


The medical centre is almost completed and will open in the summer.  It is hoped that this will bring in more custom for the gym and increase membership.  Cllr Cornock added that the Parish Council need to concentrate on getting their finances straight and ensure that any expensive items are budgeted for at the precept meeting.  This Government has stopped Parish and Town Councils from precepting any amount of money and this has caused many Councils to struggle financially with cuts to services.

Cllr Cornock stated that the Parish Council had held another successful Fun Day in July 2018 and thanked Mrs Karen Woods and Miss Jerina Parker for all their hard work in organising the event, and although there is no fun day planned for this year, he hopes that one will be planned for next year.


5.  Chairman’s Address

There was no Chairman’s Address.


6.  Public Participation

a.)  Dave Dixon - Alvis Walk.

Mr Dixon informed members that he had sent two letters to Cllrs Ian Courts and Bob Sleigh regarding the drainage at the Mull Croft/Arran Way building site and the plans for the old Bosworth Wood School site.  He informed members that he had not received any reply to date.  The Clerk stated that she had received a response from Cllr Ian Courts regarding the drainage and informed members that she had been advised that this issue was to be taken to Council meeting for further discussions.  Cllr Mrs Harrison informed members that a site visit had been arranged for Friday 31st May 2019 at 2pm to discuss the drainage.